• Private Viewing Area

    A dedicated area will be set up in front of the stage.
    *The details of the usage time and area will be announced later.

  • Private Lounge

    *The details of the usage time and area will be announced later.

  • Dedicated lane for merchandise sales

    A special fast lane will be set up at the merchandise counter.

  • Private Cloak Room

    Free private cloak rooms are available for use.

  • Welcome Drink

    We will give you a drink ticket when you exchange your platinum wristband.

  • Private Shuttle Bus

    Private shuttle buses are available to transport visitors between Marine and Messe.

  • Private Restrooms

    Platinum-only restrooms are provided.

*Please note that if the area gets too crowded, we may have to restrict your entry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are preschool children (under 6 years old) allowed to enter?
As stated in the "Notes" section, only one preschooler per parent or guardian will be admitted free of charge to SUMMER SONIC. However, preschool children will not be admitted to the Platinum Area.
I bought a platinum ticket for both days. Can I exchange all wristbands on the first day?
It is not possible. Exchange will be made on each day.
Is the private cloak located on the ZOZO Marine Stadium side or the Makuhari Messe side?
You can find them on both side.
If I use the free private cloak room, do I have to pay to take my baggage in and out?
No, it's free and you can take your baggage in and out as you wish.
Are there fast lanes at all merchandise counters?
Yes, there is.
Can I smoke in the private lounge?
No, you cannot. Please smoke in the smoking area.