The following notes will be updated as necessary. They are subject to change without notice.
Please be sure to check them before purchasing tickets and attending the event.

Warning about Ticket Resale Brokerage Sites

Viagogo, Ticket Distribution Center, StubHub, ticket jam, etc. are not authorized sales channels. We cannot guarantee the admission of customers who purchase tickets through non-authorized sales channels.
TIn addition, there is a possibility of getting into trouble, such as fraud, as a result of buying and selling on the above sites, social networking sites, etc., or between individuals. Please be aware that you may be subject to questioning by police authorities, and in some cases, both the seller and the buyer may be punished.

About Tickets

Only one person can be admitted per ticket. (one ticket per person is required for all primary school children and older)

Preschoolers must be accompanied by a parent/guardian, and only one preschooler per parent/guardian will be admitted free of charge. However, the admission area is restricted and entry into the front area is prohibited as it is very dangerous.
If you are found, you will be asked to move out of the area.
Baby strollers are not allowed to be brought into the venue except for the purpose of use for children. Parents/guardians are requested to follow the instructions of the attendants, keep an eye on their children, observe good manners, and do not cause trouble for other customers. Those who do not follow these instructions may be asked to leave the venue. In such a case, no refund of tickets will be made. The organizer, the venue, and the artists will not be held responsible for any accidents, incidents, or injuries that may occur inside or outside the venue.

Preschool children are not allowed in the Platinum Area. Preschool children are also not allowed to use other Platinum privileges.

A single ticket cannot be used by more than one person.

Handicap areas are available at both Tokyo and Osaka for each stage.
No handicap area application is required for the Tokyo performance.
For the Osaka performance, please call us at least one week before the performance after you purchase your ticket.

[Contact information for inquiries]
0570-200-888 (Hours: Weekdays and Saturdays 11:00 - 18:00, Closed on Sundays and holidays)

On the day of the event, please inform a staff member near the handicap area and he or she will guide you to the handicap area.
Please note that wheelchairs are not allowed to enter the Platinum Viewing Area, and we recommend purchasing a general ticket if you wish to use the handicap area.

Please note that there are no tickets for both venues in Tokyo and Osaka.

The ticket is valid only for the performance date and venue indicated on the face of the ticket.

The ticket must be exchanged for a wristband before entering the venue.

In case of ticket damage, loss, or ticket forgetting on the day of the performance, etc., the wristband will not be reissued regardless of any reason for damage or loss of the wristband after the wristband exchange.

If you do not wear your wristband, you will be asked to leave the venue. Please take good care of your wristband and do not remove it until the end of the festival.

If you are found to have entered the venue illegally, you will be asked to leave the venue regardless of the reason whatsoever, and you will be handed over to the police, who will demand compensation for your loss.

Transfer or resale of tickets is strictly prohibited. Legal action will be taken if such an act is discovered. We also cannot guarantee admission to the venue for customers who purchase tickets through other than authorized sales channels such as Viagogo, Ticket Distribution Center, StubHub, ticketjam, etc. There is a possibility of getting into trouble such as fraud as a result of buying and selling on the above websites or between individuals. Please be aware that you may be subject to questioning by police authorities, and in some cases, both the seller and the buyer may be punished.

Please note that the artists performing in Tokyo and Osaka may differ.

Due to the festival nature of this performance, performers are subject to change. No refunds will be made due to changes in performers or cancellations. Please note that no refunds will be made for any reason other than postponement or cancellation of the performance, such as illness (including new coronavirus infection and influenza), injury, or your own personal reasons.

In the unlikely event of a refund, only the ticket price will be refunded and not the sales administration fee including the ticket charge. We ask for your understanding and cooperation before purchasing tickets.

Prohibited Items

No video cameras, professional filming equipment, telephoto lenses, recording equipment, action cameras, etc. are allowed.

Umbrellas, Cooling boxes, parasols, chairs, any type of mats, cans, bottles, selfie-sticks, animals (except for service dogs), flammables (e.g. fireworks) and any other items that are considered dangerous and/or illegal into the venues are prohibited.

Plastic bottles are allowed to bring inside the venues but cannot be thrown onto the stages.
Outdoor stages and ZOZO Marine Stadium grounds only allow water / unsweetened tea / sports drink / oral rehydration solution in plastic bottles to be brought in. Please use the designated areas for eating and drinking in accordance with the festival's infection control measures.

Please note that any food or drink that is deemed dangerous by the staff will be prohibited.

Prohibited acts inside and outside the venue

Waiting outside or inside the festival venue (including all-nighters) is prohibited. Waiting to enter or leave the festival site or surrounding public spaces, chasing after others, or sitting on the streets around the festival site are not only dangerous for the artists and the public, but may also cause accidents and trouble involving the general public. Please do not engage in such activities. Any accidents or incidents caused by these acts must be resolved by the parties concerned. The artists, organizers, and venue will not be held responsible for any accidents or incidents that occur as a result of these acts. In the event of malicious behavior, you may be denied entry to the performance venue, and you may be turned over to the police.

Any person who is disturbing other patrons inside or outside the venue, does not follow the instructions of attendants, or is intoxicated will be forcibly ejected from the venue. In such cases, tickets will not be refunded. In the event of an accident, incident, injury, etc. inside or outside the venue, the problem will be resolved between the parties concerned. The organizer will not be involved in any discussion or resolution of any problems between customers.

Photography with camera phones and compact digital cameras (professional-grade filming equipment, action cameras, etc. are prohibited) is permitted in the venue, but please refrain from filming, recording, or distributing the video of the artists.

Dangerous acts such as diving and moshing are prohibited.
The event organizers will not be held responsible for injuries suffered by way of negligence of personal safety. The event organizers will see to first aid and arrange emergency services in case of injuries caused by prohibited dangerous acts such as diving and moshing, but will thereafter not be held responsible. Furthermore, if such accidents involve a third party, it is the responsibility of all parties concerned to find ensuing action toward legal revisions. The event organizers will under no circumstances intervene or become involved in troubleshooting in such instances.

Molestation is a criminal offense and custody will be turned over to the police immediately. If you find them in the venue, please report them to the nearest staff member.

It is strictly prohibited to enter the premises of this festival if you are a member of or affiliated with a crime syndicate or other antisocial group, or if you are intoxicated.

Any official merchandise sold in the venues may not be exchanged or returned after purchase except defective items.

Due to limitations in parking space around the venues, we advise you to take public transportation measures.

Please do not park illegally and do not disturb the neighbors.

Please dispose trash according to its recycled category, and do not trash the streets.

Please smoke only in the designated areas.

The use of lighters and matches outside the smoking area is strictly prohibited.

Overnight camping in the vicinity of the venues is strictly prohibited.

Please refrain from using strollers when the venue is crowded. Strollers are not allowed to be brought into the venue except for the purpose of use for children.


Admission to each venue may be limited due to congestion.

Please take care of your baggage at your own risk.

The event will take place for long hours. It is your responsibility to make certain of one’s physical well-being. Please bring clothing suited for all weather, take care of your own health by staying hydrated and pay attention to any symptoms of illness, heat and sun exposure.

This festival will be held rain or shine (except in case of natural disasters).
Tickets will not be refunded unless the festival is cancelled or postponed due to natural disasters or other unavoidable reasons.

The use of umbrellas is prohibited in the venue. In case of rain, please use rainwear. The use of parasols is also prohibited.

Please do not damage any plants, trees, or facilities in or near the venue, and please do not enter any off-limits areas demarcated by ropes or fences.

No compensation will be made for travel expenses to the venue (including cancellation fees) due to cancellation or delay of the Festival.

Cameras will be in the festival venue to record video and take photographs, and the appearance of visitors to the festival may be reflected in the media and product images. Please be aware that the recorded images and photos may be used for merchandising and promotional purposes.

We will comply with the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" and related laws and regulations when handling the personal information of customers who apply for tickets.

All customer information received at the time of ticket application will belong to the organizer.

Tokyo venue

In accordance with Chiba Prefecture's regulations, all visitors under the age of 18 to SUMMER SONIC Tokyo are requested to return to their homes or accommodations by 23:00.

Osaka venue

In accordance with the Osaka Prefectural Ordinance for the Healthy Development of Youth, persons under the age of 16 are prohibited from entering from 7:00 p.m. (10:00 p.m. when accompanied by a parent or guardian, or in other cases specified in the regulations) to 5:00 a.m. on the following day.
Those between the ages of 16 and 18 are prohibited from entering from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. the following day. If you are coming to SUMMER SONIC Osaka, please return to your home or accommodation as soon as possible.