The official SUMMER SONIC / SONICMANIA 2024 app is now available!



The official smartphone app for SUMMER SONIC/SONICMANIA 2024 was released today.
The HOME screen allows you to switch between the three festivals - SUMMER SONIC Tokyo, SUMMER SONIC Osaka and SONICMANIA.

Now a must-have for festivals! The app features a customisable timetable that allows you to arrange the acts you want to see to your liking, an area map and push notifications to keep you up-to-date on the day of the festival.
With just over a month to go until the festival, enjoy listening to the playlists of the artists and imagining how they will move around the stage as you prepare for the event!

Line-up/artist profiles
You can listen to artist information and playlists. Add to My Artists if you're interested!

Create your own timetable by registering the acts you are interested in as "Watch"!

Area map
Check the first aid room, rest areas, water stations and drink booths before you come to the venue to prevent heat stroke.
Check out your favourite SONI-Meshi(SUMMER SONIC FOOD) dishes in the FOOD menu! Tap the ♡ to add it to My Map!
Check out the SPONSORS menu to see the fun booths that will be open on site!
Check the ATTRACTIONS menu for performances and events outside the main stage!

The app will also provide more information on restaurants and attractions held at the venue in the future.
Install the app and enjoy SUMMER SONIC/SONICMANIA in comfort!

Click here to download


Enquiries about the application: ePlus Customer Centre