SUMMER SONIC BANGKOK 2024 will be held!



As a new development for Summer Sonic, we will be holding Summer Sonic Bangkok for the first time.
Great artists from Summer Sonic Japan are also scheduled to be booked.

In recent years, Summer Sonic has actively booked up-and-coming artists from Asia. We hope that Summer Sonic will be an opportunity for the artists to break into Asia and the global market. Please stay tuned for further details to be announced.

Comment from Naoki Shimizu, CEO of Creativeman

This week, we announced the dates and venues for Summer Sonic 2024. And I am just excited to be able to officially announce that the venue in Osaka has become the symbol of Osaka, Expo ‘70 Commemorative Park.
Looking back, we have welcomed many people to the event since it moved to Maishima in 2007, and the last year was 15th year. Maishima Sport Island was a treasure island that produced unforgettable live performances and scenes for Summer Sonic. And even though we were forced to move this time, everyone was committed to continuing in Osaka and kept moving, and finally we were lucky enough to reach this new land.
Even park is now covered in dead leaves, it will be reborn with fresh green leaves on many trees when summer comes, there will be a lot of resting area in nature. Let’s share this blissful festival together again with the beginning of a new history.

And as another challenge for 2024, Summer Sonic will finally go overseas. It will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, the following week after Tokyo and Osaka, on August 24th and 25th. In this era when overseas festivals have spread to various regions and succeeded, and Korean artists are active all over the world, Summer Sonic Bangkok will start as a means to connect the world with music from Japan. We will aim for a more attractive and powerful lineup by booking great artists in both countries. Please look forward to seeing if this light will spread to other countries.

The first line up announcement for Summer Sonic is scheduled for late January to February.