Buenas Brisas

"Buenas Brisas" = Oasis of a Saudade Urban Festival. The concept is a gentle breeze.
SUMMER SONIC Tokyo Beach area has become even more comfortable and amusement-filled with live acts, DJs, and new content.

【about“Buenas Brisas”】

The area concept of “Buenas Brisas” will continue from last year.
People swaying to the wind on the surface of the sea, to the flags, and to the music.
The action of “swaying” is the key visual for the entire stage.
At the entrance to the stage, an iconic vertical gate welcomes visitors. The gate panels are colorfully decorated with unique typography reminiscent of beach culture. The gate panels are colorful and unique, with unique typography reminiscent of beach culture.

Buen Tiempo Live Performance&DJ’s

Once again this year, “Café Habana Beach” will offer food and bar to satisfy your thirst and empty stomach.
Adjacent to the main stage will be a DJ booth/extra stage with DJs and live acts produced by “Buen Tiempo”, an event held every Thursday at Café Habana Tokyo in Daikanyama. The event will provide a space where the sound will not stop throughout the day.

  • 8/19

    el tempo

    “el tempo” is a rhythm event directed by SHISHIDO KAVKA, in which participants improvise and play rhythm sessions with popular drummers and percussionists in Japan while giving out nearly 100 different hand signs.
    The event became a hot topic when it appeared at the closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games. While energetically performing at regular shows and festivals, they appeared as the SUMMER SONIC2023 “el tempo” Special Unit to liven up the beach stage area, as they did last year!

  • 8/20


    From Tokyo Underground.
    A “level song music group” consisting of Punks, Skins & Psychos.
    Some people say that they are Joe Strummer with an entertainment spirit? or the anarchistic Kanshiro?
    Nice middle-aged guys who sing nostalgic melodies with a rebellious spirit!
    They bring music from Los Angeles, Spain, where they perform live at community centers and in fields, attract many minority fans from day laborers to businessmen.

  • 8/20


    The band was formed by leader Jorge Diaz and band members to play the spirits of musical proficiency, love of music, and musical companionship.
    The uniqueness of KILOMBO lies not only in its multinational members, there are also the different experiences, backgrounds, and ages of each one of them as different musicians, and the individuality of each one of them brings the magic of fusion to the band.
    The depth and soul of KILOMBO’s sound is created by the wisdom of their experience as musicians and performers of different instruments.
    The synergy of knowledge of Spanish, Argentine, Brazilian, Colombian, and Cuban music and musical genres such as folklore, canzone, cumbia, samba, bossa nova, soncubano, rock, funk, reggae, and jazz brings a musical energy without national borders.
    The multiculturalism and sound that seems to be a hijinks, yet beautiful, brings passion to the ears of people who love family and most of all, love music.

  • 8/19


    An instrumental band that started their activities in Aichi prefecture in 2018.
    In 2020, they moved their base to Tokyo, and in 2022, they released their first nationally distributed album “EP-電波道中記” with the theme of “Online Exotics”.
    In 2023, they will participate in the Hida Jazz Festival.
    Latin, traditional jazz, rhythm & blues, exotica, country, Motown, game music, ani-song, and radio songs. We will deliver the strongest stage to the world with such music electric wave brain yunyun members.

  • 8/20

    A Virgin

    In 2007, she was baptized musically by Masaya Nakahara, Takuma Watanabe, and Rei Harakami, whom she met on her radio personality show, and jumped into the underground music scene, not as an underground idol, and flew to Europe with a flying V in her hand.
    After returning to Japan in 2011, she formed the girls’ duo TADZIO. They performed at Fuji Rock, toured Europe and Asia, and released their first album “TADZIO” (P-VINE).
    She also worked on the illustration for the jacket. Started as A VIRGIN in 2019. She has established a style with a sense of tension on the eve of cubism, putting noise guitar and words on the rhythm as it is. She also works as a model for domestic and international magazines and websites.
    Released the analog “A VIRGIN” (self-released) in 2020 and digitally distributed his second album “MORNING” in 2022. She is currently a track maker and songwriter, and has also started his own format as DJ VIRGIN.

  • 8/19,20


    With HIP HOP as the core, SOUL/FUNK/JAZZ/HOUSE/TECHNO, etc., the DJ style blends various genres and ages according to the site based on the vast collection, knowledge, and sense cultivated over a long career. His generosity in covering the size and type of parties, borders, race, gender, and even jumping over time and space has earned him praise not only from crowds and clients, but also from industry professionals and peers, as well as JUST BLAZE, MARLEY MARL, STRETCH ARMSTRONG, and legends who have performed with him.
    His motto is “Rock from cradle to grave, from headphones to arenas.” With an insatiable quest for the perfect beat and a funk soul, he continues to perform with a b-boy stance.

  • 8/20


    Born in Shizuoka Prefecture. She debuted as a model after winning the grand prize at a magazine audition, and in 2017 began working as a DJ, performing at music festivals and club events and parties. She also enjoys editing videos and has a strong influence on her generation, especially in the areas of fashion and music.

  • 8/20


    Working as a photographer in addition to modeling, she is involved in a wide range of creative activities, such as holding photo exhibitions and working in collaboration with brands.
    She is also very popular for her unique fashion sense and lifestyle, which she shares on social networking sites such as Instagram and YouTube.
    Items released from her store “peep insidehead” are always sold out on the same day.

  • 8/19


    He is 23 years old. He usually plays at music bars, cafes, and parties while working at an apparel company. He started DJ when he was 19 years old. Back to the the age of 13, he discovered HIPHOP, R&B, SOUL, and other black music. He always plays with the importance of creating an original world view at the venue with a variety of music such as HIPHOP, R&B, and SOUL, which are popular among the younger generation.

  • 8/19


    She spent her youth in Houston, where she was shocked by the authentic black music, and by affirming all the music she encountered while traveling around the world, she creates an organic and euphoric space.
    At her party “SCENTRIP,” which is based on the theme of sound, scent, and travel, she spins original and sophisticated sounds inspired by music from various countries. She is active in a variety of venues, including parties for international fashion brands, hotel lounges, clubs, and bars.

  • 8/20


    Influenced by a friend, he was attracted Funk, Soul, and Roots Reggae and immersed himself in music. He started DJ after he graduated high school at Fukuoka prefecture. He has been playing regularly at RED ZONE held every week at Shibuya Harlem for 5 years, and on the second week he plays at ORANGE BLOOD, an event based on the concept of 80s, HOUSE, and DISCO held at BXCAFE. Recently, he has been directing various brands, mainly in the creative field.
    His wide range of music selection, which can be adapted to any time of the day, is directed by his peers. He also produces tracks for corporate clients.

  • 8/20

    DJ erico

    She has worked extensively as a model for magazines and brands since the age of 16.
    Currently, she DJs and organizes parties at Cafe Habana TOKYO every Thursday, providing a fun time and space.
    Since 2022, she has also been organizing and booking artists for the SUMMER SONIC Havana area, while also contributing to the success of the event by performing as DJ erico herself.
    Her unique and outstanding sense of music and adorable personality are sure to attract many people to the event.


Sauna Shikiji’s daughter, Mikie Sasano, produced this “totonoi” spot.
”SAUNASONIC” is a new sauna spot with a spectacular view overlooking the beach from the top of a hill!

  • MUSIC, ocean, wind, sun, sunset, and friends.
    I wanted you to experience sauna in this wonderful environment and space.
    I wanted people to experience sauna with all five senses.
    I believe there is a sauna here for you to experience, and that’s why we decided to do it this time.
    There are three types of saunas, and the water bath will cool you down after a hot day at SUMMER SONIC.
    We have also paid special attention to the aroma, drinks, and space.
    We hope you will experience saunas at the festival and experience a new “totonoi” experience.

    Mikie Sasano

    *More details will be announced soon!

Mikie Sasano

Mikie Sasano’s parents run “Sauna Shikiji”, known as the “holy land of saunas.
She advocates that saunas are more than just a “hot box,” and she also produces and promotes saunas that can be felt with all five senses, as well as comprehensive wellness facilities such as hot baths.
In Hokkaido, she has produced the world’s first all-glass dome sauna on the rooftop of the Tsuruga Resort on Lake Akan, as well as the carbon-neutral, eco-friendly sauna accommodation facility “郷音” in Otsuki, Yamanashi.
In addition, she is producing a sauna to be installed at the Onuki Clinic in Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture, scheduled to open in September 2023. She continues to promote a new way of sauna.



1992年神奈川県生まれ。東京と湘南を拠点に活動。主な個展に「Tokyo Débris」WAITINGROOM(東京、2022年)、「#smudge」 ANB Tokyo 6F Studio1 (東京、2021年)、「Live in Fluctuations」Little Big Man Gallery(ロサンゼルス、2020年)、主なグループ展に「COMING OF AGE」フォンダシオン ルイ・ヴィトン(パリ、2022年)「ハロー・ワールド ポスト・ヒューマン時代に向けて」水戸芸術館(茨城、2018年)など。2019年には、マーク・ウェストン率いるダンヒル、2020年春夏コレクションとのコラボレーション、またヴァージル・アブロー率いるルイ・ヴィトン、メンズ秋冬コレクション2019のキャンペーンイメージを手がける。主なコレクションにサンフランシスコアジア美術館(アメリカ)など。2016年に写真集『Everything_1』、2020年に『Everything_2』がNewfaveより発行。

Photo by Ami Inaba




東京/京都在住。触覚的な視覚を軸に、身体や性、人と人工物、有機物と無機物など、移り変わっていく境界線を写真と映像で扱う。立命館大学文学部、及び日本大学芸術学部写真学科卒業。主な個展に「Sen to Me」(2021年、Takuro Someya Contemporary Art、東京)、「NEW SKIN|あたらしい肌」(2019年、mumei、東京)、「Jubilee」(2017年、nomad nomad、香港)など。写真集に「NEW SKIN」(2020年、MACK)、「Jubilee」(2017年、artbeat publishers)、「transparency is the new mystery」(2016年、MACK)など。

Photo by Arata Mino


韓国生まれ。現在はニューヨークを拠点に活動。カットアウトやコラージュの手法を用いた鮮やかで型破りな写真へのアプローチで知られるジャンは、一貫して様々な表現媒体との間の境界線に疑問を投げかけては、その作品を通じて新たな視覚言語を構築している。「Time Magazine」、「The British Journal of Photography」、「IMA Magazine」、「The New Yorker」、「The New York Times Magazine」を始め数多くのメディアに作品が掲載される一方で、デグフォトビエンナーレ(韓国)、パリ・フォト(フランス)、ル・ロックル美術館(フランス)、フォーム写真美術館(オランダ)など世界各地の美術館や芸術祭に出展し、国際的に高い評価を受けている。

Photo by Semi Jang


A skate ramp has appeared next to the DJ booth at Café Habana Beach!
The beach area is transformed into a more active space!

  • 佐々木真那


  • 景山武士


  • 星野勇大


  • 藤井雪凛

    戦歴:2020年12月JSFプレゼンツウィングラムカップ1位/2021年3月笠間1位/2021年9月Nikesb×ユニコーンガンダムバーチカルコンテスト1位/2021年11月 Exposure X1位/2021年12月日本スケートボード選手権7位/2022年4月マイナビスケートボード日本オープン7位/2022年7月Xgames出場/2022年10月ブラジルSTUベストトリック1位/2022年10月JSF Park Style Contest1位/2022年11月World skate games Vart Championship1位/2022年11月日本スケートボード選手権6位/2023年4月マイナビスケートボード2本オープン3位/2023年5月Xgames japan3位
    Creature、Nike SB、Krux、Pro-Tec、187 Killer Pads、Eyevol、Extra Point、美容室Lehua

  • 上村颯

    戦歴:Red bull Mind The Gap 2021優勝/VANS Go Skateboarding Day2022 MVP/Battle climber AM初代優勝
    Heroin skateboards、Nike SB、Wanto burger

  • MC:平本ジョニー

    ファッションブランド「PHENOMENON」「MISTERGENTLEMAN」のデザイナーとして知られるオオスミタケシに見出されファッション界での活動を開始。以降、クリエイター・アーティスト・デザイナーとして幅広く活動し、「東京を代表するストリートアイコン」と呼ばれる。自身のブランド「John‘s by Johnny」でデザイナーを務めながら、さまざまなファッションブランドにデザインを提供。2021年にはラッパーとして「THE NEVER SURRENDERS」を結成。2023年にはクリエイティブチーム「MONOLITHIC NEON TOKYO」に参画するなど活躍の幅を広げている。

  • Café Habana Beach

    Café Habana Beach, produced by Café Habana Tokyo, which opened its first store in Japan in Daikanyama, Tokyo, will appear again this year!
    As the resident cafe and bar in the beach area, we will offer a variety of food and drinks perfect for the beach, such as Cubano, a Cuban sandwich, and grilled corn.
    The DJ booth/extra stage will feature a variety of Latin, hip-hop, and other genres, providing a space where the sound never stops while you eat and rehydrate.

  • Latin American Alley

    A landmark of the beach area in response to the “Buenas Brisas” area concept.
    The “Latin American Alley” as it is called, is a new street lined with kitchen cars offering Central and South American food and cold treats.
    Details of the stores, menus, etc. will be announced in the coming days when we introduce SONI-MESHI. We hope you will enjoy the food attractions of the beach as much as the food areas at the Marin and Messe!

  • Shisha -produced by Yellow

    Cafe & Shisha bar “Yellow” opened in Ebisu in 2020, offering shisha and drinks from all over Japan. They offer a wide variety of drinks and shisha from all over Japan.
    In 2022, they opened their Nakameguro store based on the concept of “a park in the city. The space where they opened, which is decorated with wood, stone, and other nature-inspired materials, was featured in BRUTUS (2023/June edition) and has been the focus of much attention.
    The first SUMMER SONIC store will open in 2022. It offers a refreshing, summery mix that is perfect for the beach stage. Enjoy a relaxing moment on a seat overlooking the ocean.

  • Shaded Area

    The vast shaded area, a landmark of Makuhari Beach, is an oasis on the beach directly under the sun.
    In addition to the general public area, this year for the first time there will be an exclusive platinum sunshade area that can be freely accessed from the standing area in front of the stage.
    Visitors will be able to enjoy the beach comfortably all day long from open to close.