The FAQ will be updated as needed.
Please note that the FAQ is subject to change without notice.

About Tickets

I lost my ticket. Can you reissue it?
Tickets are treated like money tickets and will not be reissued, even if you have proof of purchase (ticket certificate, receipt, tickets purchased at the same time, etc.). Please keep your ticket in a safe place until the day of the performance.
In the case of スマチケ, please do not change your phone model after downloading the ticket.
How old do I need to be to get a ticket?
One ticket is required for each person of elementary school age and older to enter the SUMMER SONIC venue.
Preschool children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, and only one child per parent or guardian is admitted free of charge. Please note that the admission area is restricted, and entry to the front of the standing area is prohibited as it is extremely dangerous. If you are found, you will be asked to move out of the area. Strollers are not allowed in the venue except for use with children.
Parents and guardians are requested to follow the instructions of the staff, never leave their children unattended, mind their manners, and avoid disturbing other visitors. Those who do not observe these rules may be asked to leave the venue forcibly. In such cases, tickets will not be refunded.
The organizer, venue, and artists will not be held responsible for any accidents, incidents, injuries, etc. that may occur inside or outside the venue.
Can I watch the show in a safe area with my child?
Some stages at the Tokyo venue have a family area. Children of elementary school age and under and their parents or guardians are allowed to watch the performances. However, admission may be restricted due to the limited area.
Stages with family areas (MOUNTAIN SONIC PACIFIC)
*One accompanying parent/guardian is allowed per child in the family area.
What is a Platinum Ticket?
Platinum tickets are 1-DAY tickets to SUMMER SONIC that include Platinum benefits. Please refer to Platinum Benefits and Platinum FAQ for details.
I can no longer go to SUMMER SONIC. Can I get a refund?
No refunds, cancellations or changes will be made after tickets have been purchased.
The artist I wanted to see cancelled his/her performance. Can I get a refund for the ticket?
No refunds will be made due to changes in artists. Please understand this in advance.
I'd like to sell my ticket because it's not convenient for me ...
チケプラ Official Trade is available until 7/31(Mon.).
The transfer or resale of tickets for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited in accordance with Article 13 (Prohibition of Resale) of the Live Entertainment Agreement stipulated by the ALL JAPAN CONCERT & LIVE ENTERTAINMENT PROMOTERS CONFERENCE (ACPC).
Tickets purchased through private sales, auction sites, unauthorized ticket resale sites, etc. are not guaranteed to be valid. If it is discovered at the venue that tickets have been transferred or resold, admission to the venue will be denied. Please be advised that legal action will be taken in such cases.
Any problems arising from the transfer or resale of tickets on the day of the performance must be resolved between the parties concerned.
I purchased a ticket through a non-authorized sales channel.
We cannot guarantee admission for customers who purchase tickets through channels other than authorized sales channels such as Viagogo, Ticket Distribution Center, StubHub, ticketjam, and other private sales channels.
Is there a set of tickets for Tokyo and Osaka?
There are no through tickets for the two venues, Tokyo and Osaka. Tickets are valid only for the performance date and venue indicated on the ticket. A single ticket cannot be used by more than one person.
I see that wristbands are supported, but can I go out of the venue after entering?
By showing the wristband worn in exchange for the ticket at the time of admission to the venue, you may freely enter and leave the venue from the time the doors open until the end of the performance. The wristband will be worn in accordance with the performance dates and venues indicated on the ticket, so please do not remove the wristband until all the performance dates you purchased are completed.
I accidentally took off (cut) my wristband...
Wristbands will not be reissued if damaged or lost for any reason. If you are not wearing your wristband, you will not be allowed to enter the venue. Please treat your wristband with care and do not remove it until the end of the festival.
If you are found to have entered the venue illegally, you will be asked to leave the venue regardless of the reason. In such cases, we will hand you over to the police and take legal action against you.

About Food and Beverage

Can I bring my own food and drink?
Only PET bottles may be brought into the venue (no bottles, cans, or food).
Only PET bottles of "water/tea (unsweetened)" are allowed inside the outdoor stage block and on the indoor stage. Please note that beverages other than water, such as juice and alcohol, cannot be brought into the venue.
Can I eat and drink at the venue?
Food and beverage outlets will be set up at the venue. Details of the stores and menus will be announced soon on the FOOD page and the official app.
What can I use to pay for food and beverage?
Cash, credit cards, and electronic money are accepted at both the Tokyo and Osaka venues.
We will inform you of the available payment methods as soon as details are finalized.

About Goods

When do you start selling merchandise? Can I purchase merchandise without a ticket?
Please check the announcement on the official SUMMER SONIC website in advance, as the start time of sales at the Tokyo and Osaka venues will differ. Only those who have SUMMER SONIC tickets and have had their wristbands exchanged will be able to purchase merchandise. Some official merchandise can be purchased at the Tokyo venue even if you do not have a ticket.
Are there any restrictions on the purchase of goods?
Some goods may be set aside. In that case, we will inform you at the site on the day of the performance.
What can I use to pay for goods?
Cash, credit cards, and electronic money are accepted at both the Tokyo and Osaka venues.
We will inform you of the available payment methods as soon as details are finalized.


Is it possible to record or film the show at the venue?
Photography or recording of the artists by camera phones or compact digital cameras (camcorders, professional-grade filming equipment, telephoto lenses, recording equipment, action cameras, etc.) is strictly prohibited. If such activities are discovered, the equipment will be confiscated and you will be asked to leave the venue. Please be advised that depending on the act, you may be turned over to the police.
Can I bring compact cameras and other equipment to the venue?
However, video cameras, professional-grade filming equipment, telephoto lenses, recording equipment, action cameras, etc. are strictly prohibited. Photography is allowed only when the subject of the photo is the visitor himself/herself. Filming of the performing artists with such equipment is strictly prohibited.
Are there places where I can use chairs or leisure seats?
The use or bringing of chairs, leisure sheets, or tents is prohibited.
Please do not leave your luggage unattended or otherwise cause a nuisance. Any luggage left unattended will be removed immediately.
Is parking available at the venue?
General parking is available in the vicinity of the Tokyo venue, but is limited. Please use public transportation. Please use the Park & Ride Ticket at the Osaka venue. Please see the TICKET page for details.
Is there a place for children to play or a nursing room?
Tokyo venue (Messe area and Marine Stadium) have a "Kids Area" where you can breastfeed and children can play (only when accompanied by a parent or guardian).
At the Osaka venue, breastfeeding is possible in the Sonic Arena First Aid Room.
Please check the official website and SUMMER SONIC app to confirm the location in advance.
Please note that there is no day-care center or other facilities to take care of children.
Is smoking allowed in the venue?
Smoking is prohibited in all areas except in designated smoking areas. If you wish to smoke, please use the smoking areas provided on site, including those for electronic cigarettes, heated cigarettes, etc.
Is wheelchair accessible?
Wheelchair access is permitted. A handicap area is provided at each stage. However, please note that admission may be limited due to the limited area. Also, please note that if you have a companion, one ticket is required for each person accompanying you.
No handicap area application is required for the Tokyo show.
For the Osaka performance, please call us at least one week prior to the performance after purchasing your ticket.
For inquiries, please contact
KYODO Information
0570-200-888 (Hours: Weekdays and Saturdays 11:00-18:00, closed Sundays and holidays)
Please note that wheelchairs are not allowed to enter the Platinum Viewing Area. If you wish to use the handicap area, we recommend that you purchase a general ticket.
Are pets allowed?
No animals are allowed. However, guide dogs and nursing dogs are allowed.
I am pregnant. Can I ask for a chair?
Although doctors and nurses are stationed in the first-aid area on site, there are no specialist physicians and they may not be able to respond to changes in your health condition. Please consult with your family or doctor in advance.
We are unable to provide chairs. Folding chairs are not allowed.
The venue is expected to be crowded on the day of the event, so if you are not confident about your physical condition, we recommend that you take it easy.
Are coin lockers/cloakrooms (baggage storage) available?
There is a cloakroom where you can freely put in and out your bag for ¥2,000 per day (70L plastic bag). ZOZOMarine Stadium has only a coin locker cloakroom.
In addition, all payments for both checkrooms and coin lockers are cash only.
Can I leave my stroller with you?
We will keep them at the cloakroom for ¥2,000 per day.
I dived and injured someone...
Diving and moshing are extremely dangerous acts and are strictly prohibited. Please understand that the organizer, venue, and artists are not responsible for any accidents, incidents, injuries, etc. caused by diving or moshing. The organizer will not be involved in any discussions or other problem-solving measures.
What should I do if I feel sick in the venue?
Please come to the first aid area set up in the venue or ask a nearby staff member for help. Please check the location of the first-aid area on the official website, SUMMER SONIC app, and signboards at the venue in advance.
What should I do if I lost or left something at the venue?
Please check if it has not been delivered to the information booth at the venue. Contact information for inquiries after the event period will be announced on the official SUMMER SONIC website at a later date.