Timetable announcement of live streaming SUMMER SONIC 2023 & SONICMANIA



This weekend, SUMMER SONIC & SONICMANIA will be streamed live on WOWOW On Demand for 3 days from Makuhari, Tokyo venue!
If you have an internet connection with WOWOW On Demand, you can enjoy anywhere in Japan! You can enjoy SUMMER SONIC at home!
No repeat delivery! Only one time live streaming! Don’t miss it!
Live Streaming WOWOW On Demand
“SONICMANIA” will start streaming on August 18 (Fri.) at 9:00 p.m.
“SUMMER SONIC 2023 DAY-1” August 19 (Sat) 11:00 a.m.
“SUMMER SONIC 2023 DAY-2” will be available on August 20 (Sun.) at 11:00 a.m.
Please register for WOWOW On Demand as soon as possible!
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*All the artists except for the headliner are listed in alphabetical order.
*Distribution timetable will be announced at a later date.
*Distribution contents are subject to change.
*Some artists’ performances will be delayed. Also, some artists are not scheduled to deliver the entire full set. For details, please check the timetable to be announced at a later date.
*The streaming will be available only in Japan.
*Video will be recorded and distributed at SUMEER SONIC Tokyo and SONICMANIA. We will take care not to disturb the audience, but please understand that there is a possibility of being filmed on screen.
*Please be aware that live streaming of SUMEER SONIC/SONICMANIA will not be available in any format other than WOWOW On Demand, and please beware of spoof accounts on social networking sites.