Official goods post-sale has started!



The official goods of SUMMER SONIC and SONICMANIA are now available for purchase after the event!
Check out the sales page for the lineup including collaboration goods.
Don’t miss this last chance!

【After sales period】
Sales start: 9/11 (Mon.) 18:00~.
Sales end: 9/24 (Sun.) 23:59
Scheduled to be delivered sequentially from 9/20

*Sales may end even during the sales period as soon as the maximum limit is reached.
*Please check the precautions on the mail order site before making your purchase.

【Beware of Fake Sales Sites Impersonating SUMMER SONIC Official.】
We have detected the existence of a counterfeit sales site that illegally uses the official SUMMER SONIC logo and merchandise images.
Please be aware that by entering your personal information or credit card number, your personal information may be illegally obtained and you may become a victim.
SUMMER SONIC official goods information is only available on this website. SUMMER SONIC official goods is only available at “HMV&BOOKS online” for mail order.