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Autograph Session Eligibility and Policies
To be eligible for the autograph session:

– spend over \1,500 on official SUMMER SONIC goods (T-shirt, towel, hat, pamphlet) at merchandise booths at the festival or through advance sales; OR
– spend \1,500 at Artist merchandise booths at the festival (Artist merchandise purchased outside of SUMMER SONIC do not qualify); OR
– purchase either a CD or DVD of the Artist signing from the HMV booth at the festival (items purchased outside of SUMMER SONIC do not qualify).

Note: Some artists may not have their own merchandise for sale at SUMMER SONIC.

MARINE AREA Artist Merch Tent: ZOZO Marine Stadium Perimeter R side/8:00am-7:30pm each day
MESSE Artist off-site Merch Tent: Center Entrance Square/8:00am-7:30pm each day
MESSE Artist Mech Tent: Outside the south side of Hall 5-6/9:00am-7:30pm each day

*Official goods/Western music artist goods/Japanese music artist goods will be charged separately. 
* Electronic money and credit cards can be used at all sales floors. (There are some electronic money/card companies that cannot be used.)
* It may end early depending on the sales situation.

Ticketing system
Limited number of queue tickets will be distributed on our official LINE.

Electric Token for Autograph Session will be provided on our official LINE from August 17th (Thu) 6:00PM (The tickets are available on a first-come first-serve basis for artists signing on the day, until allocations are exhausted.)

Please check the schedule of the autograph sessions on the day, as the timetable is subject to change.

You must present proof of purchase to join the session.

Strictly one (1) electric ticket per person for each artist regardless of the amount of merchandise purchased. Absolutely no proxies. Anyone attempting to obtain more than one ticket for an artist will be denied entry. You are not allowed to join the session if your smartphone cannot show the ticket with any trouble such as running out of battery etc.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the session time and queue up accordingly. Please bring your smartphone with an electric token. Latecomers will not be admitted.

Autograph rules:
Please come to the autograph session booth 15min before the starting time at MAKUHARI MESSE HALL5.

Please follow staff instructions.

Only the aforementioned merchandise, purchased at festival booths or through SUMMER SONIC advance sales or either a CD or DVD from the HMV booth at the festival, are eligible for signing. Personal items brought in from outside the festival will not be autographed. Any clothes wearing during the session is not eligible for signing.

Strictly one (1) item per person.

Notice during the sessions
Use of photographic, video, or audio equipment including but not limited to cameras, video cameras, mobile phones, tablets is prohibited during the autograph session. To streamline the process, please have your queue ticket and one item to be autographed ready as you approach the artist table.

Specific request of your name or any other words for signing is not allowed.

There is only limited time for each artist to attend the autograph session, and no hogging artist’s time only for yourself. Please make a swift way out, once your item is signed.

Anyone who does not follow orders and rules will be asked to leave the autograph session booth, and worst case, will be asked to leave the venue. Yet, we will not make a refund of the ticket. Please beware one unreasonable behavior could lead to cancellation of the entire autograph session.

There will be an autograph session time table, however please be aware it is subject to change without notice.

Please note that the autograph session may be cancelled on the day of the event due to circumstances beyond the artist’s control. In such a case, please understand that the official Summer Sonic goods, artist goods, and CDs or DVDs of the artists purchased at the HMV booth will not be able to return or refund.

We reserve our right to refuse entry and/or remove ticket-holders who do not comply with these policies from the autograph session. This document is subject to change without notice.