SONICMANIA Distribution Timetable Changed



Due to the timetable change of SONICMANIA, the live streaming timetable on WOWOW On Demand will also be changed.

This is a one-time-only live streaming with no repeats! Don’t miss it!

WOWOW On Demand is offering a free trial which can be cancelled anytime within the month of application!

Please take this opportunity to enjoy “free” live streaming of SONIMANI and SUMMER SONIC from the next day!Please note that the streaming schedule is subject to change.
Video will be recorded and streamed at the SONICMANIA venue. Please be aware that there is a possibility of being reflected in the video, although we will take care not to cause any inconvenience to those in attendance.
Please note that live streaming of SONICMANIA/SUMMER SONIC will not be available in any format other than WOWOW On Demand. Please be careful of spoof accounts.