SUMMER SONIC / SONICMANIA registration is now open!



Registration for SUMMER SONIC / SONICMANIA has started on the official app.
Please click the pink icon of “Pre-registration” on the top left corner of the app’s TOP page to register the necessary information.
You will be required to submit the screen after the completion of your identity verification when you enter the venue.

For details on how to register with the app and check-in on the day of the event, please click here.

For inquiries regarding the app, please contact the e-plus Customer Center.

The following information is required to register and check-in on the day of the event.

■From today until the day before the event
Please register your attendance on the app and read the guidelines and notes carefully.

■On the day of the event
Check-in will be available on the app from 5:00 a.m. on each day.
Please show the “Check-in Completed” screen from the top of the app to enter the venue.

*For those who have a ticket for 8/21(Sun) SUMMER SONIC TOKYO and will attend 8/20 MIDNIGHT SONIC, please check in from 6:00 PM on the day using the “AREA DIP 2022 in MIDNIGHT SONIC” app.

*If you do not have a smartphone, please print out the “Registration Form” from the button below and bring the completed form to the following location on the day of the event.
Tokyo venue: Makuhari Messe Central Entrance
Osaka venue: Wristband Exchange

If you forget to do so, you can fill it out at the venue, but it is expected that it will take time to fill it out in case of rain. Please print it out in advance and bring it with you. Parents with children are required to enter information for each child.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.