SPARKS and THE SPELLBOUND will perform! Notice of Cancellation of THE HUMAN LEEAGUE's Performance



It’ s been almost half a century since their debut! SPARKS, the pop duo with a cult following around the world, will be performing!

This visit to Japan comes at a perfect time because their first music documentary film “The Sparks Brothers” directed by Edgar Wright, known for his films “Baby Driver” and “Last Night in Soho,” is now in theaters! In addition, THE SPELLBOUND, a new band launched by Masayuki Nakano of BOOM BOOM SATELLITES with Yusuke Kobayashi of THE NOVEMBERS as vocalist, has been confirmed.

We are sorry to announce that THE HUMAN LEAGUE, which had been scheduled to perform, has been cancelled due to scheduling and equipment problems. Please note that no refunds will be made due to this cancellation.

Statement from THE HUMAN LEAGUE

It is with great regret that we have to announce our withdrawal from Sonicmania 2022

We are extremely sorry for this turn of events, especially as we have not played in Japan for so many years, but unfortunately logistics and distance have defeated us.

Prior to being offered Sonicmania we already had another open air show confirmed in the UK just two days afterwards, one we could not in good conscience withdraw from.

This meant our schedule would be Tokyo / Travel Day / Henley and where we originally believed this routing would be possible it has now unfortunately become clear that it is not. We simply cannot rebuild all our equipment in time to do both shows.

We most humbly apologise to all our Japanese fans and to Creativeman for this situation. We are absolutely broken hearted not to be able to come and play for you, especially after so long away from your beautiful country.