Seventh additional artist announced!



This year’s SUMMER SONIC tickets has already sold out in history for both days in Tokyo, even before the general release date. Tickets for Osaka are also running low and are expected to sell out by the end of this week, but we are pleased to announce additional artists.

This year’s SUMMER SONIC is also focusing on the Asian acts.
Ink Waruntorn, the queen of Thailand’s synth-pop scene and a national female artist who is immensely popular there, will perform in Osaka on August 19 (Sat) and Tokyo on August 20 (Sun). Her comfortable CITY POP music will fill both the Osaka SONIC and Tokyo BEACH.
Cosmos People, a three-piece rock band from Taiwan that sings and plays funky pop music, has already been confirmed to perform in Tokyo, and will perform as the last performer at Osaka MASSIVE on August 20 (Sun.).
The hot rapper MILLI, who performed at the Coachella Festival as a first solo artist from Thailand , will be in Tokyo on August 20 (Sun.).

Don’t miss this weekend’s release dates, including Japan’s largest all-night festival “SONICMANIA” on the eve of SUMMER SONIC Tokyo, which is just as exciting as SUMMER SONIC.