SUMMER SONIC 2022 & SONICMANIA Live distribution artist lineup first announced!



SUMMER SONIC & SONICMANIA is finally approaching this weekend!

WOWOW On Demand will live stream the heated stages at SUMMER SONIC Tokyo & SONICMANIA for 3 days from the night of 8/19 (Fri.)!

Announcing the first 48 groups of artists scheduled for live distribution on the day! We are planning to announce additional lineups in the future!

WOWOW On Demand is offering a free trial that can be canceled anytime within the month of application!

Please take this opportunity to enjoy SUMMER SONIC & SONICMANIA live streaming for free!

*Listed in alphabetical order except for headliners.

*Please note that the delivery schedule is subject to change.

*Video will be recorded and distributed at the Summer Sonic Tokyo venue. We will take care not to inconvenience the visitors, but please understand that there is a possibility of reflection.

*SUMMER SONIC live distribution will not be done in any format other than WOWOW On Demand. Please be careful about posts by spoofed accounts.