SUMMER SONIC full lineup decided!



The full lineup of SUMMER SONIC, which is next weekend, has finally been decided.

8/20 (Sat) PIGGS at TOKYO J-CULTURE STAGE, 8/20 (Sat) 矢部ユウナ on stage at TOKYO AREA DIP DJ TIME , 8/21 (Sun) New Tokyo at SONIC STAGE as the opening act of Tokyo. , Mississippi Khaki Hair was decided for MOUNTAIN STAGE on the same day.
The timetable is subject to change, so please check the official website from time to time.

Next Friday, August 19th, Japan’s biggest all-night festival, SONICMANIA, will finally start at MAKUHARI MESSE.
The midsummer days will continue, but let’s make the best memories of summer while getting in shape until the day of SONICMANIA and SUMMER SONIC!