A summer tradition, SUMMER SONIC Tokyo's "ソニ飯" just announced!



ソニ飯 for the first time in 3 years is fully revived!
SUMMER SONIC Tokyo’s representer, japanese Tuna specialty shop “Maguro-Shokudo” from the port town of Yaizu.
Including “Maguro-Shokudo”, a new specialty, Shizuoka Gourmet Yokocho area, has appeared.
A new area produced by “Cafe Habana TOKYO” from New York will appear in BEACH STAGE!
In addition, at the ZOZO MARINE STADIUM AREA, the new Mazesoba of the local gourmet “Chiba-Ramen” is attracting a lot of attention.
At Makuhari Messe, popular festival meals such as popular Asian gourmet food and stamina perfect gourmet food are gathered!
We also have coolest sweets that parents and children can enjoy.
Let’s get through the hot SUMMER SONIC by eating delicious ソニ飯!

On the official smartphone app, select [AREA MAP] → [FOOD] to check the location and recommended menu of all ソニ飯 booths!
Also, if you add the food you are interested in to your favorites ♡, you can also display it on My MAP, which is very convenient.
If you haven’t yet, download it early and prepare while having fun until the day!
Soni rice at the Osaka venue will be released soon!