“Music Loves Art in Summer Sonic 2022”, a global communication project for cultural arts in which Summer Sonic Tokyo and the Agency for Cultural Affairs have teamed up, has started!



It has been decided that a large-scale art exhibition will be held at the SUMMER SONIC Tokyo venue, where world-renowned Japanese artists and international artists will perform together.
This project will be a global dissemination project of culture and art in collaboration with the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

A new chemical reaction will be caused by adding art works that lead to Japanese sensibilities to Asia’s largest music festival where top musicians from Japan and abroad gather. It is an attempt to convey the charm of art to music fans from Japan and abroad who gather at Summer Sonic, and to open up the possibility of cross-culture born from bridging music and art. We aim to create an “art x music festival” that stands shoulder to shoulder with festivals around the world.
An art festival that all music lovers can enjoy. From Japan to the world. Music Loves Art!

Organizer: Agency for Cultural Affairs / Summer Sonic Secretariat
Planning: Junya Yamamine / ArtTank (Etsuko Kodaira + Toshiro Kondo)