Artists For Summer Sonic Tokyo's New PACIFIC STAGE Announced!



Artists For Summer Sonic Tokyo’s New PACIFIC STAGE Announced!

The general ticket sales for Summer Sonic will start at the end of next week, and we are happy to announce the full lineup for all the main stages of Summer Sonic Tokyo 2022.
Lineup for the PACIFIC STAGE includes internationally recognized domestic artists and Asian artists who are attracting attention at international festivals.
With more and more news about easing the rules regarding entry from abroad, this world-class stage, which until 2019 was named RAINBOW STAGE, is a must-see.

HYDE, who is celebrating the 20th anniversary of his solo career and continues to inspire audiences around the world with his outstanding live performances, will headline the PACIFIC STAGE on 8/20 (Sat). Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas, whose extraordinary live performances make everyone on the floor dance like crazy, and BAND-MAID, who is scheduling a US tour, popular for their maid-like appearance and hard rock sounds, will also be performing. Moreover, a not to be missed, five-piece girl band produced by “BanG Dream!” project, RAISE A SUILEN, and Regallilly, a three-piece band whose unique and emotive lyrics capture the hearts of listeners, will be on stage as well.

In addition, WONFU, a four-piece male/female band that has been highly acclaimed for its diverse, genre-less music, performing at music festivals overseas and winning numerous awards, and Seori, an up-and-coming bilingual singer from South Korea who became a hot topic after her collaboration with TOMORROW X TOGETHER and her GRAMMYs Global Spin performance, will be thrilling PACIFIC STAGE on the first day.

On top of that, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, who will be on a world tour this year after her memorable appearance at Coachella 2022, will perform in Tokyo as well as Osaka at Summer Sonic! Also, ØZI, a much-loved Taiwanese rapper/SSW/producer who has collaborated with ¥ellow Bucks, Kumi Koda, Sanari, eill, and other top artists in Japan, will be performing. Novel Core, who debuted as the first artist from BMSG and whose first major album debuted at No. 1 in Japan on various charts and has also been featured as a model for high-end fashion brands, and KANDYTOWN, a hip-hop crew from Tokyo consisting of rappers, DJs, beat makers, and film directors, each of whom are popular in various genres such as culture and fashion, are also lined-up. KANGDANIEL, a solo artist from Wanna One with a sophisticated dance performance and a unique singing voice, who has just announced the release of his first album, and Liella!, a school idol group from “Love Live! Superstar!!,” are performing at Summer Sonic for their first time.

As Summer Sonic fans may have already noticed, everything is moving faster than in previous years, thanks in part to the high expectations for Summer Sonic’s comeback after a three-year absence, with Tokyo platinum tickets for 8/21 (Sun.) already SOLD OUT. Even during the advance ticket sales period, we will stop selling tickets as soon as we reach our planned number, so please access the Ticket Play Guide and make sure you don’t find yourself without a ticket next weekend.
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And three months from today is the day of Japan’s largest all-night festival: Sonic Mania! Next week we will be announcing additional artists for Sonic Mania, as well as additional artists/contents for Summer Sonic, so stay tuned for those announcements as well!