Eleven new additional artists have been confirmed!



King Gnu will appear in Tokyo on 20 Aug (Sat) and in Osaka on 21 Aug (Sun). With incredible records of chart-topping music releases, they are a Tokyo new-mixture style band with an extraordinary sense of originality and perfection in both sound and visuals. On 21 (Sun) Aug in Tokyo and 20 (Sat) Aug in Osaka, one of the hottest female singer-songwriter, milet has been added to the line-up. She has been very successful on various shows with her husky unique singing voice and global presence in songwriting. Cannot be missed now and in the future!

On 21 Aug (Sun) in Tokyo, ENDRECHERI, a project of Tsuyoshi Domoto, who celebrated 20 years since his debut as a singer-songwriter, has been added to the line-up. Writing and composing his own music, he is not only a vocalist with the concept of “FUNK sounds by a Nara-jin (guy from Nara)”, but also continues to pursue his unique style with performances that goes beyond your expectations.

On 20 Aug (Sat) in Osaka, Gesu no Kiwami Otome, a four-piece band celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, will be performing. Led by Enon Kawatani, who is also the vocalist of indigo la End, the band plays unique pop melodies based on hip-hop and progressive music, with vocals that swallow everything and unpredictable song developments made possible by their high musical skills. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, who continues to challenge herself with free and original expressions on pop and catchy songs, and popular as an icon of ‘HARAJUKU’ and ‘JAPANESE POP,’ also attracting attention with her largest-ever national tour and US tour as well as her appearance at the Coachella Festival 2022, has been added to the line-up as well.

The following artists have been added to Osaka on 21 (Sun) August:

04 Limited Sazabys, a band popular for their melodic songs delivered by the boyish high voice of vocalist GEN, and their outstanding live performances.
ALI, a new-age multi-cultural band whose members all have diverse backgrounds and attracting attention for their songs that show respect to roots music and their varied expressions.
Ken Yokoyama, a well-known Japanese punk rocker who has remained at the forefront of the scene right up to the present day.
My Hair is Bad, an upcoming three-piece band who has achieved a great success on their large-scale tour that included arena stages, embodying the ideal live band by capturing the hearts of their listeners with candid lyrics over rock sounds.
Nulbarich, a band fully produced by singer/songwriter JQ, fluidly chooses various formats according to the occasion and plays sophisticated songs with superb grooves.
SPARKS, a band by brothers who have influenced musicians from all over the world during their half-century-long career, and known for their humorous songs and unique live performances that take the audience by surprise. They have also been the talk of the town for the film “SPARKS BROTHERS.”

The line-up has become a spectacular one, unique to Summer Sonic and not seen at other festivals!

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