Eight more artists to be added to Summer Sonic Tokyo!



Since the first announcement, Summer Sonic 2022 has been creating quite a buzz, and now eight more artists representing the Japanese music scene have been added to the lineup.

The eight artists include: the ultimate life form, MAN WITH A MISSION; WANIMA, a three-piece rock band from Kumamoto; BLUE ENCOUNT, whose passionate live performances have been the talk of the town; CHAI, a girl rock band currently touring overseas; Queen Bee, whose unique style has been highly acclaimed; Novelbright, a five-piece rock band from Osaka that won the Japan Record Award for Best New Artist; Yuri, a widely acclaimed hybrid singer-songwriter; and Vaundy, a multi-talented artist whose songs have been viewed over 1.5 billion times.

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We will also be announcing additional artists for Osaka and the lineup by dates soon, so stay tuned!