SUMMER SONIC 2016 Overseas Press Application

Please read the following information and conditions carefully before proceeding with the application process:

NOT ALL APPLICATIONS WILL BE APPROVED,complimentary press tickets are limited.
NO photographers and filmmakers/videographers are allowed to apply and enter the festival.
Festival official photographs will be provided after the festival.
**ONLY inside the actual concert/stage area is photography prohibited, you are welcome to take photographs as long as it’s not artists’ performance.
**filming/recording is prohibited in all areas.


Application : Submission and Notification
*ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY JULY 1st, 2016.(Japan standard time)
(applications received after July 1st will not be considered)
*Applicants will be notified no later than July 20th, 2016, via email adress


Media limitation
*We will NOT grant access to media that requires any video shooting and audio recording – SUMMER SONIC festival is recording prohibited.
*If you are affiliated with a band, you must obtain entry and passes through the bands Guest List.


Application : Required Documents
*An editor’s letter (emailed by the editor from an official publication email address to is required for all affiliated freelance writers. We will not accept ANY applications from freelance writers who are not officially on assignment for a publication.
*Web-Based publications will likely be considered based on the contents and “Unique Viewers Per Month” figure with web traffic tracker.


Condition to be agreed in order to enter the festival site with complimentary ticket
*Your publication must run at least one promo article on your official website ahead of Summer Sonic 2016, specifically before August 7th Sunday. In case your media is a print media, please run the promo article on your official website.
*SUMMER SONIC festival will NOT allow press to take photos of artists’ performances.
*There will be NO accessing backstage granted, and NO interviewing artists allowed by overseas press.
*article (URL or print publication) must be submitted by the date claimed in your application form. For those who did not publish the article shall never be considered by any of Creativeman’s festivals for possible complimentary ticket.
*we will provide official photos to Press after the festival, and each media shall only be allowed to ask for no more than 10 artists + audience shots.
*Flight, transportation, hotel accommodation, meals and drinks must be covered on your end.
*we will NOT provide “plus one” complimentary ticket for your escort.

Please fill out all required fields. Your application will not submit without filling out all required fields. Applications with incomplete or insufficient information will be declined.


Name of Publication
Language of Publication
Circulation For Print Publications - Number of Copies Printed Each Issue
(If you are not categorized as this media, please write "N/A".)
Unique Visitors
For Online Publications - Number of Monthly Unique Visitors
(If you are not categorized as this media, please write "N/A".)
Distribution of Readership
Where are your readers primarily located?
When will Summer Sonic review coverage be published?
Also, please specify the size/volume of your acticle.
Name of artists you will be covering.
When will you run your promo article on your website?
Editor's info including office addless + phone#, email
Attending Journalists / Primary contact, including phone#, email.